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in which… Happiness is defined

Happiness is…

Getting off work three hours early.
Four new Threadless t-shirts.
Chinese with Hannah.
Peach smoothies.
My song on the radio.
Clay on his way home.
Killswitch Engage.
A verse written just for me.
40 cent Jane Austen classics.
Random compliments from strangers.
Halo marathons with my siblings.
Being adjusted back to my own timezone.

Pictures from Africa coming soon…

in which… Bedhead and Coffee

I said it once before (albeit, not here) and I’ll say it again. Great Value’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee creamer is deliciously good (albeit, a mug full of synthesized unhealth). I was impressed and enjoyed not one, but two yummy (albeit, nearly plasticine) mugs of mid-morning coffee at work yesterday.

I wonder how many times I can fit the word “albeit” into this entry…

HAPPY FRIDAY. I love Friday’s. (albeit, not as much as Thursday’s) They’re full of good feelings and comfortable clothes and movies (albeit, previously viewed ones, cause we’re too lazy to go get a new one on Friday’s). I vow not to change out of my sweatpants all day.

I can’t explain my adoration of Thursday’s. I just love them. They are the perfect day. Wednesday is a busy, hectic, work-filled day, and Friday is the beginning of a marvelous weekend. Thursday is like a beautiful transition into relaxation and comfort. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon. You know something beautiful is about to pop out, and you go about your day keeping one eye on that cocoon, waiting for the awesome, exploding action. I freaking love Thursday’s. (albeit, not as much as I love tacos)


Bedhead and coffee. two of my favorite things. (This steaming mug consists of International Delight’s, Southern Butter Pecan creamer. Another good one… Albeit, not as good as Chocolate Raspberry…)

Quote of the Week award to Clay;

“I could be Captain America. He’s just a big guy with a frisbee…”

(T-Minus: 21 days until Africa!)

in which… Prom

How many people get their first Prom as a college sophomore? Not many… [That I’m aware of…] But when you’ve got a prom date as understanding as mine [and I mean ‘understanding’ in the sense that he’s totally awesome], it doesn’t matter how unorthodox it ends up being. Because in the end, it’s about having fun. And fun, my friends, was achieved.

The whole day was perfection.

Look at the cuteness…

Regrets of Photographs

It’s actually a song, my title… but I thought it was relative to this specific entry…

Because a picture like this doesn’t even need any other caption.

And after posting one picture, I went on a photo craze and decided to post my favorite nerd picture. Thought technically, it’s not a “photograph” per say.

Awe. That’s so cute.

And then I decided one nerd-love picture wasn’t enough, and you should see both my favorite ones. Hold on to your safety goggles everybody.


And still on a comic-y craze, here’s my favorite comic strip;

PS-[all these pictures pull up bigger when clicked if you can’t read ’em]