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in which… Happiness is defined

Happiness is…

Getting off work three hours early.
Four new Threadless t-shirts.
Chinese with Hannah.
Peach smoothies.
My song on the radio.
Clay on his way home.
Killswitch Engage.
A verse written just for me.
40 cent Jane Austen classics.
Random compliments from strangers.
Halo marathons with my siblings.
Being adjusted back to my own timezone.

Pictures from Africa coming soon…

in which… Sister love

Had a photoshoot done with Micaela a while back and I got the pictures in the other day. We were asked to be test subjects and got free pictures out of it. So of course we jumped on that chance. She’s away at camp this week, and I can’t wait for her to get back and see them. Thought I’d post a few for you to enjoy the cuteness.

And one of me, because I’m awesome like that.

in which… my Dad is amazing

I made coffee in my french press… And drank all of it… Hence the 1 AM blog…

So technically, it’s not Father’s day anymore… But it’s still Sunday in my mind, as I haven’t slept yet…

I was going to write a Father’s day post earlier but got caught up in homework and then decided to crash with my family afterwards. Because even better than writing about Father’s day, is spending time with said Father.

In honor of the day, I combed through some old family pics.

Not sure how old I was in this picture… I’m going to take a guesstimate at 6ish… Maybe 7.

Cheesing it up. And there’s a helpful date-stamp on this one. I was 13 in this picture. Craaaazy.

I love that guy. I’m one of those kids that irritates people cause I always talk about how great my parents are.

But seriously, they ‘re amazing. You have no idea.

One of the most precious memories I’ve got of my Dad, and one I’ll probably always have stored in the ‘favorites’ jar, is a recent acquirement. It was during one of those parent-child talks (pretty sure I initiated it though…) and those are always great talks in our house. It’s an amazing memory, where I actually watched my Dad slowly come to the realization that I was moving down a path he didn’t truly enjoy… Yet he respected me enough to let me grow. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more loved than when I watched him sit back and smile at me, with tears in his eyes, and show me with his emotion how much he respected me, in allowing changes he didn’t want to accept, but knew I was ready for. That is a crazy, crazy love.

 “It’s okay. Seasons are changing and waves are crashing and stars are falling all for us… It’s okay…” -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Love ya, Dad

in which… Bedhead and Coffee

I said it once before (albeit, not here) and I’ll say it again. Great Value’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee creamer is deliciously good (albeit, a mug full of synthesized unhealth). I was impressed and enjoyed not one, but two yummy (albeit, nearly plasticine) mugs of mid-morning coffee at work yesterday.

I wonder how many times I can fit the word “albeit” into this entry…

HAPPY FRIDAY. I love Friday’s. (albeit, not as much as Thursday’s) They’re full of good feelings and comfortable clothes and movies (albeit, previously viewed ones, cause we’re too lazy to go get a new one on Friday’s). I vow not to change out of my sweatpants all day.

I can’t explain my adoration of Thursday’s. I just love them. They are the perfect day. Wednesday is a busy, hectic, work-filled day, and Friday is the beginning of a marvelous weekend. Thursday is like a beautiful transition into relaxation and comfort. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon. You know something beautiful is about to pop out, and you go about your day keeping one eye on that cocoon, waiting for the awesome, exploding action. I freaking love Thursday’s. (albeit, not as much as I love tacos)


Bedhead and coffee. two of my favorite things. (This steaming mug consists of International Delight’s, Southern Butter Pecan creamer. Another good one… Albeit, not as good as Chocolate Raspberry…)

Quote of the Week award to Clay;

“I could be Captain America. He’s just a big guy with a frisbee…”

(T-Minus: 21 days until Africa!)

in which… Moustaches

So the neighbor of my Mother’s newly opened business cubby is a photographer. She’s super sweet and funny… and needed someone to test her newly made photobooth moustaches.

She had four very willing models.

Cheesing it up

I mean come on…

Who can resist paper moustaches?

On a different note, that is one good-looking group of siblings…

camping, candles, candy…

Throughout writing this entire post I had that classic Joker line on replay in my head.

“And here… we… go!”

Because seriously, it would be impossible to include everything I wanted into this entry. There was just  too much awesomeness to be contained into one measly blog post. But anyhow… here… we… go!

My family went camping last weekend. Which always means a couple of great stories, new jokes, and some hilarious pictures.

For starters, you’ll know you’ve reached Glen Rose, Texas when you pass the cobalt blue painted stucco shop labeled “Barry’s Bail Bonds and Knives.” That right there just blew my mind.

The entire weekend was jam-packed with hilarious conversations, late night Mancala tournaments, Egg and Bean burritos, the discovery of a fried pie shoppe, and some fantastic verbal sparring. Ex.-

Jeremiah- “I’m the grand champion.”

Me- “I totally beat you once!”

J- “No, I let you win. It’s good for your….”

M- “…Confidence?”

J- “Yeah, I was going to say testosterone… But do you even have that??”

Josiah- “If I had my hand amputated I would want a skeet launcher in its place…. Just saying…”

Jeremiah- “Some guys grow chest hair really fast. Because some guys are just awesome. And the others aren’t.”

Me- “*staring at Jeremiah’s hairless chest* Uh… right…”

J- “Oh… wait, crap…”

There was a burn ban in place, which took away one of our favorite activities: late night, round the fire games of Telephone. But nevertheless, we had an awesome time.








So here I am… Sitting in my batman boxers, drinking a mug of tea, eating Nerds, watching Detective Olivia Benson kick bad guy rear, with my favorite candle smelling up my room. This is how I reward myself after an intense study/cram session. My brain is tired. And my stomach tells me it’s satisfied with the burping of pasta and those nerdy little pieces of candy. Bliss my friends, bliss.

We’re not gonna fall and forget
How far You went to pick us up
If one part’s hurt, the whole body’s sick
If one part mourns, we all mourn with Him
Rejoice, we’ll sing with you
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah



I cam across this picture today while hunting another photo from a vacation. This was 2001 I believe, I was 8 years old. It’s such a classic “us” picture. I’m being dramatic, Jeremiah looks like he’s up to something, Micaela is cute and innocent as can be, aaaand Josiah is farting.

Yep… That’s us.