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in which… Life

So here I am, sitting at my desk in a Cucumber candle scented room, drinking my favorite cup of english breakfast tea, thinking “Hey… It’s nice to relax…”

I loved this semester. Loved it. I had great classes, great teachers, great experiences all around. And here I am, reflecting on all this, enjoying the first ‘breathing week’ I’ve had in months really, enjoying my candle, enjoying my tea. But here I am, thinking how nice it is to relax and I’m blindsided by my Peanuts calender, which informs me I have precisely 3 weeks of breathing before I face reality again. 3 weeks. Not much time. I have 3 weeks before I start classes all over again, before I have to start packing for Africa, before I have to begin to prep the clinic for my permanent absence… 3 weeks, is not much time.

I’m not actually at the point yet where Africa has become a true reality. I mean… Africa. Halfway across the world. I know they say it’s humbling how small the world can seem, but eyeing the map I have saved to my computer screen… It does not feel very small. More like… very large-ish. I’ll be gone almost 20 days. Which again, doesn’t sound like much, and probably won’t seem like much after I’m there, but 20 days is a long time. A long time to be halfway across the world. I get my task list in a few weeks… I think it’ll become more realistic after that… Crazy… Africa…

And then, life post-Africa. A short couple of weeks after I’m back home, I plunge into a new job and the last few demanding courses needed before I enter the Nursing Program. And life doesn’t slow down. It only picks up. I mean, it’s a good pick-up. It’s the pick-up I’ve been working towards… But it definitely won’t slow down.

I laced this tea with so much honey, I can taste more of the honey than the actual tea.

*[yes, I realize that I’ve tagged this ‘Monday’ and published it Tuesday, but I got caught up in some stuff and didn’t get this posted yesterday… and by all that I mean to say, I totally fell asleep…]

Monday, Monday, Monday…

I kind of went on a baking craze today…

I had my usual Monday crap to get done, but after that I still felt the need to do something productive. I made cinnamon cream cheese frosted pumpkin cupcakes, a batch of cracked sugar cookies, and on a last minute whim, a loaf of banana bread. The entire house smelled of spices and cooked pumpkin.

And if that isn’t enough, the men are heading to the grandparents, so, naturally, girly food is in the processes of being made. Coconut crusted chicken salad, with garlic bread (I hope). And of course I have dessert covered.

And now I sit, house smelling of baking, rose hip tea steaming in my mug, curled on the couch, watching my cat snore on the rug in front of the coziest of fires I built in our stove. Truly, a day like this is best endured inside. With tea. And a fire. And a hoodie.

But seriously… I just cant wait to eat.