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camping, candles, candy…

Throughout writing this entire post I had that classic Joker line on replay in my head.

“And here… we… go!”

Because seriously, it would be impossible to include everything I wanted into this entry. There was just  too much awesomeness to be contained into one measly blog post. But anyhow… here… we… go!

My family went camping last weekend. Which always means a couple of great stories, new jokes, and some hilarious pictures.

For starters, you’ll know you’ve reached Glen Rose, Texas when you pass the cobalt blue painted stucco shop labeled “Barry’s Bail Bonds and Knives.” That right there just blew my mind.

The entire weekend was jam-packed with hilarious conversations, late night Mancala tournaments, Egg and Bean burritos, the discovery of a fried pie shoppe, and some fantastic verbal sparring. Ex.-

Jeremiah- “I’m the grand champion.”

Me- “I totally beat you once!”

J- “No, I let you win. It’s good for your….”

M- “…Confidence?”

J- “Yeah, I was going to say testosterone… But do you even have that??”

Josiah- “If I had my hand amputated I would want a skeet launcher in its place…. Just saying…”

Jeremiah- “Some guys grow chest hair really fast. Because some guys are just awesome. And the others aren’t.”

Me- “*staring at Jeremiah’s hairless chest* Uh… right…”

J- “Oh… wait, crap…”

There was a burn ban in place, which took away one of our favorite activities: late night, round the fire games of Telephone. But nevertheless, we had an awesome time.








So here I am… Sitting in my batman boxers, drinking a mug of tea, eating Nerds, watching Detective Olivia Benson kick bad guy rear, with my favorite candle smelling up my room. This is how I reward myself after an intense study/cram session. My brain is tired. And my stomach tells me it’s satisfied with the burping of pasta and those nerdy little pieces of candy. Bliss my friends, bliss.

We’re not gonna fall and forget
How far You went to pick us up
If one part’s hurt, the whole body’s sick
If one part mourns, we all mourn with Him
Rejoice, we’ll sing with you
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah