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Regrets of Photographs

It’s actually a song, my title… but I thought it was relative to this specific entry…

Because a picture like this doesn’t even need any other caption.

And after posting one picture, I went on a photo craze and decided to post my favorite nerd picture. Thought technically, it’s not a “photograph” per say.

Awe. That’s so cute.

And then I decided one nerd-love picture wasn’t enough, and you should see both my favorite ones. Hold on to your safety goggles everybody.


And still on a comic-y craze, here’s my favorite comic strip;

PS-[all these pictures pull up bigger when clicked if you can’t read ’em]

tropical PUNCH

Congratulations me, I have passed the 50th post checkpoint. This would excite me more if I received $200. I think life should be more like Monopoly… You know, we make it past a milestone [a.k.a.- all the way around the board] without going to jail and we get $200. Also there’s that sweet Free Parking pile…

Reading the news this morning, I scanned a headline that stated Kim Kardashian was voted “Most Annoying Celeb”, which I find a little funny. Actually it makes me want to go HA!! But I refrain…

When we erupt into the room/ And hear the sub go boom/ A feeling easy to resume/ This right here, I swear, will end too soon

Have you ever had a Rockstar Tropical Punch energy drink? I feel like the label stating “16 fluid ounces of caffeine and real fruit juice” make it a little healthier. Of course, I know how silly that is…. But it makes me FEEL better about drinking one.

Who says “silly” anymore? Really? Does anyone still say that?

I confess, Steve Martin makes me laugh like no other. Truly.

Also I have a thing about bob haircuts. Frankly, I hate them. There… I said it…

All’s fair in love and war /but I’m no veteran /my recession /nonaggression /more like war of the spanish succession /how’s that for expression?

Wow I’ve read too much History today…