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in which… Luke 21:17

“… And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake…”

… So I guess…

Haters gonna hate…

in which… I’ve done some screenshooting

Really people? Really?

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

Here’s a chuckle…

I love being a nursing major…

in which… Moustaches

So the neighbor of my Mother’s newly opened business cubby is a photographer. She’s super sweet and funny… and needed someone to test her newly made photobooth moustaches.

She had four very willing models.

Cheesing it up

I mean come on…

Who can resist paper moustaches?

On a different note, that is one good-looking group of siblings…

in which… I can’t get Billy Joel out of my head

Which, in certain situations, is not such a bad thing…

Unless the song in question is “Uptown Girl”… and you yourself are a girl… because walking through Walmart singing “I”m looking for my Uptown Girl!”, draws some curious glances…

I thought it was a good time for some factuals. I love factuals.

Factual #1- I have never watched The Titanic. I know. Terrible.

Factual #2- I can draw some pretty legitimate creepy-like, stick trees.

Factual #3- I hate alien movies.

Factual #4- I did it… I succumbed to the call of Pintrest. *hangs head*

Factual #5- In the profile picture I have posted on my sidebar, I am not wearing a single bit of makeup.

Factual #6- In a few short weeks, I will [for the first time in my life] have a class inside an actual classroom.

Factual #7- My lucky number is 62.

I decided on factuals about myself this time… Next time I’ll do something different… I quite enjoy factuals…


Hello, My name is Danielle, and I am a nerd…

*dramatic sob*

“So take this photograph, and I’ll take this empty frame. I won’t be coming back, but you’re not the one to blame.” -Framing Hanley

Regrets of Photographs

It’s actually a song, my title… but I thought it was relative to this specific entry…

Because a picture like this doesn’t even need any other caption.

And after posting one picture, I went on a photo craze and decided to post my favorite nerd picture. Thought technically, it’s not a “photograph” per say.

Awe. That’s so cute.

And then I decided one nerd-love picture wasn’t enough, and you should see both my favorite ones. Hold on to your safety goggles everybody.


And still on a comic-y craze, here’s my favorite comic strip;

PS-[all these pictures pull up bigger when clicked if you can’t read ’em]