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five things


1. Love+Toast handcreme. Because if the super creamy smell and natural ingredients aren’t awesome enough, a portion of the sale goes to a good cause!


2. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange herbal tea. This is literally the best orange tea I have ever had. I love to add cinnamon sticks to mine.


3. Carly Rae Jepsen. Nuff’ said.


4. Darsee and David’s Vintage Luxe candle. Best smelling candle in the world. In. The. World.

5. The cast of Downton Abbey performing One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”. My life is complete.

Five Things

1. Apricot Fried Pies

While I can never get enough of a good cherry pie, apricot fried pies are a veryveryvery close second. I love them for breakfast.

2. a good Vintage Editor

I love vintage edited pictures. They just look classy.

3. a French Vanilla-laced mug of coffee

Clay brought me a bag of coffee beans back from Cancun, and this coffee is so good you guys. It’s a dark roast with a super strong flavor. And I love it. You have to fresh grind it, which (any coffee lover knows) makes it taste totally fresh and so much better than the average cup of joe.

4. A couple hours of an Austen-inspired book first thing in the morning

I’m on a Jane Austen kick. Really, that’s all I want to read. And I don’t feel like this is a problem at all…

5. Lakewood Pressed Coconut juice

One part of this equal to one part coconut water, and you’ve got my favorite summery drink. I’ll take a glass of this coconut concoction over anything else on a hot night.

Five Things

Taking after a blog I like to read, I’ve decided to start writing a “Five Things” post. Which I really already do, in the form of a bullet point-ed; “These are some things that made my week” type of entry. Now it just has a name. And a limit.

1. Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites

My boss introduced me to these little pieces of heaven. Normally, I don’t like biscotti. Too hard to eat, [especially for someone with braces] and I think eating should be an enjoyable experience, not hard work. But these bite-sized chunks of chocolate dipped biscotti have sticky caramel fragments tossed throughout them. They are pure deliciousness.

2. Colbie Callat’s album, “Coco”

I’m not usually one to go for this genera of music… But lately I’m hooked on this album. Perfect window-down, hot air blowing through the car, cruising through the neighborhood music

3. Not Your Mother’s “Beach Babe”

In addition to using this for myself, this is my go-to product when I’m styling hair. I’m a fan of the messy, bed-head look. And this is the best product I’ve ever used to make the style look totally effortless. Plus, it smells like you died and went to coconut heaven.


A crazy cool recipe website I discovered this past weekend. You guys should take some time and check it out, it’s like Pinterest for food… So I feel like I can justify getting on it to whomever would dare lump me in with “Crazed Pinterest Zombies” as Hannah so accurately titled them.

5. Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

I haven’t made this yet, but I definitely will be in the not-too-distant future. I am addicted to chia seeds. They are beautiful things. And this recipe looks amazing. Clicking on the picture will take you to the recipe. [found on PunchFork, see previous “thing”]