My Bucket List

Here’s how this works, the first 10 are in order… You know, most important to least important, and after number 10 it’s just kamikaze. My actual bucket list has about 160ish escapades on it, so as I continue to add them into here it will grow and eventually be my full list, so check in regular

77. Ghost someone random for a full minute, and don’t get caught

76. Make and wear a Zombie costume somewhere

75. Backpack across Europe

74. Design a webpage

73. Plant a garden

72. Go on a double date

71. Cut my hair short

70. Conquer an irrational fear

69. Get a cat

68.Wear my PJ’s to wal-mart

67. Learn the entire Evolution of Dance

66. Goth for a day

65. Go a year without something I love

64. Speak perfect Pig Latin

63. Give blood and then…

62. …Get my tattoo

61. Go to a football game

60. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s

59. Write a book

58. Learn to figure skate and then…

57. …play ice hockey

56. Play a full game of golf

55. Go fully vegan for a month

54. Find a pen pal

53. Go hunting

52. Scuba dive

51. Memorize an entire book of the Bible

50. Swish a half-court shot

49. Stage dive

48. Dye my hair black

47. Do something so far outside my comfort zone, that my friends and family are floored

46. Learn to snowboard

45. One word- Dreads

44. Skateboard like a pro

43. Write for a newspaper

42. Play video games for 24 hours straight

41. Convince someone to play video games with me for 24 hours straight

40. Guest star on a popular TV show

39. Participate in a Civil War reenactment

38. Two words- Sand Buggy

37. Build, buy, or just own a coffee house

36. Invent something useful

35. Go to culinary school

34. Become world-renown

33. Pull the perfect prank

32. Learn HTML like a second language

31. Take an art class

30. Go mudding

29. Swim with a dolphin

28. Drive an 18 wheeler

27. Eat dolphin

26. Buy a motorcycle

25. Watch every Saw movie back to back to back

24. Paint a room neon green

23. Make and eat a 6 ft. pizza

22. Go an entire year without saying the word “Beans”

21. Hike and camp overnight in the Montana mountains

20. Meet Mitchell Musso

19. Make a cheese sculpture

18. Get a college degree

17. Surf

16. Speak perfect French

15. Have my fortune told

14. Make a scientific discovery

13. Read every Jane Austen book

12. Ride a ferris wheel

11. Live in California


10. Get my hair corn-rowed

9. Get front row tickets to see Flyleaf

8. Jump off a roof

7. Break a bone

6. Visit Greece

5. Get in a fistfight

4. Own my own house

3. Have twins

2. Impact everyone

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  • Comments (3)
    • Clay
    • July 22nd, 2011

    where is the number 1?

  1. Oh no, #27 is sad. 😦

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