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in which… Moustaches

So the neighbor of my Mother’s newly opened business cubby is a photographer. She’s super sweet and funny… and needed someone to test her newly made photobooth moustaches.

She had four very willing models.

Cheesing it up

I mean come on…

Who can resist paper moustaches?

On a different note, that is one good-looking group of siblings…

an implausibly vague blog entry…

Put your favorite record on/ Go straight to your favorite song/ I’ve seen you laugh and cry/ Now I wanna see you dance…

-The Fold

I’m so freaking nervous. Excited nervous. Good excited nervous. The nervous you get when you’re about to do something thrilling. It’s November… and after that is December… and December is the last month of the old year, and then comes the start of the new year.

There are so many new things happening in the new year. I can’t help but tap my toes in nervous excitement. BRING ON THE NEW YEAR. But not too quickly… because I want to savor the taste of excited nervousness. I don’t ride roller coasters, so this is about as thrilling as my life gets…

So many new things… New places… New situations… New thought processes… That’s the biggest “new” thing for me I believe… I’m looking at so many things in such a drastically different way, that I wonder if I can even call them the same things… It’s strange… its exciting. And it makes me nervous. Excited nervous.

I have my comforter pulled down and my pillows arranged, because as soon as this entry is published I am literally going to leap from my desk and into my bed. The extent of my exhaustion, eh?

Of a childlike faith and of my honest praise, of my Unashamed Love/ Of a holy life and of my sacrifice, and of my Unashamed Love…

-Jason Morant


I, my dear friends, have had 3 cups of hazelnut creamer-laced liquid Folgers. And I am exhausted. That shows how intense my exhaustion is. It’s been one of those days for everyone I think… Wore ourselves out for Halloween, let me tell you.

I was having a conversation with a friend today when he asked me “Danielle, what do you want to do with your life? I don’t mean in the next year, I mean with your LIFE?” And The only response I could give him was, “I’m going to do whatever God decides to throw me… And until he does,  I’ll be doing my own lil thing.” Because really, that’s all we can do. I learned early on, making intricate plans usually only grabs a laugh from God… as he takes our plans and HOPELESSLY SCRAMBLES THEM INTO MASS CHAOS and proceeds to say “Your plans, eh? Funny! That’s real funny…” Yeah. That’s my God.

Also that might have been the 3 cups of coffee right there…


I call it like I see it, and my glasses on/ But most of ya don’t get the picture, unless the flash is on/ Satisfied with nothing, you don’t know the half of it

-Lil Wayne


My Tuesday tunes

  • Come to Life- Alter Bridge [Blackbird]
  • Invisible- Skylar Grey [Invisible]
  • Pretend.Relive.Regret- Emarosa [Emarosa]
  • Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold
  • Midnight Hands- Rise Against [Endgame]