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in which… Haiku

Why in the world am I blogging the weekend before finals? Who does that? I’m such a procrastinator… but, fun fact, I don’t enjoy that… AND YET HERE WE ARE.

I’m all in the crazy psycho mood to write a poem… I’m not really sure why! But I do. I discovered at an early age that I can write a decent poem, but I literally get so irritated taking the time to rhyme everything. And then I discovered the Haiku. Insert LIFE-CHANGING. Not really but I do love a good Haiku. My favorite being The Old Pond, written by the idealized “creator of the Haiku” himself, Matsuo Basho, to which there are many translations, my personal favorite being;

The old pond/ a frog jumps in/ sound of water

The actual Haiku being;

Furuike ya/ kawazu tobikomu/ mizu no oto

But don’t ask me to pronounce any of that.

And after all of that, I couldn’t leave you without a haiku of my own, written on the fly. Naturally, since he’s curled up next to me, it’s about my cat.

Twitching little paws/ Oblivious to the world/ …Somebody smooch him

A post with actual details of  what’s been up in my life, coming soon


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I wrote a haiku

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