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in which… Life lately

Take one Cup of Coffee, mix with French Vanilla Creamer until frothy. Stir in one Comfy Pair of Basketball Shorts. Blend. Add another Cup of Coffee. Blend until smooth. Gradually add in a hearty dose of The Walking Dead (season two has the richest flavor), a Bell Pepper and Cheese Omelet, and another Cup of Coffee. Blend. Enjoy your Saturday Morning while hot.

I feel this day is best described by the song Mr. Saxobeat.

Life lately, according to my iPhone…

Five Things

1. Apricot Fried Pies

While I can never get enough of a good cherry pie, apricot fried pies are a veryveryvery close second. I love them for breakfast.

2. a good Vintage Editor

I love vintage edited pictures. They just look classy.

3. a French Vanilla-laced mug of coffee

Clay brought me a bag of coffee beans back from Cancun, and this coffee is so good you guys. It’s a dark roast with a super strong flavor. And I love it. You have to fresh grind it, which (any coffee lover knows) makes it taste totally fresh and so much better than the average cup of joe.

4. A couple hours of an Austen-inspired book first thing in the morning

I’m on a Jane Austen kick. Really, that’s all I want to read. And I don’t feel like this is a problem at all…

5. Lakewood Pressed Coconut juice

One part of this equal to one part coconut water, and you’ve got my favorite summery drink. I’ll take a glass of this coconut concoction over anything else on a hot night.

in which… my Dad is amazing

I made coffee in my french press… And drank all of it… Hence the 1 AM blog…

So technically, it’s not Father’s day anymore… But it’s still Sunday in my mind, as I haven’t slept yet…

I was going to write a Father’s day post earlier but got caught up in homework and then decided to crash with my family afterwards. Because even better than writing about Father’s day, is spending time with said Father.

In honor of the day, I combed through some old family pics.

Not sure how old I was in this picture… I’m going to take a guesstimate at 6ish… Maybe 7.

Cheesing it up. And there’s a helpful date-stamp on this one. I was 13 in this picture. Craaaazy.

I love that guy. I’m one of those kids that irritates people cause I always talk about how great my parents are.

But seriously, they ‘re amazing. You have no idea.

One of the most precious memories I’ve got of my Dad, and one I’ll probably always have stored in the ‘favorites’ jar, is a recent acquirement. It was during one of those parent-child talks (pretty sure I initiated it though…) and those are always great talks in our house. It’s an amazing memory, where I actually watched my Dad slowly come to the realization that I was moving down a path he didn’t truly enjoy… Yet he respected me enough to let me grow. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more loved than when I watched him sit back and smile at me, with tears in his eyes, and show me with his emotion how much he respected me, in allowing changes he didn’t want to accept, but knew I was ready for. That is a crazy, crazy love.

 “It’s okay. Seasons are changing and waves are crashing and stars are falling all for us… It’s okay…” -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Love ya, Dad

in which… Bedhead and Coffee

I said it once before (albeit, not here) and I’ll say it again. Great Value’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee creamer is deliciously good (albeit, a mug full of synthesized unhealth). I was impressed and enjoyed not one, but two yummy (albeit, nearly plasticine) mugs of mid-morning coffee at work yesterday.

I wonder how many times I can fit the word “albeit” into this entry…

HAPPY FRIDAY. I love Friday’s. (albeit, not as much as Thursday’s) They’re full of good feelings and comfortable clothes and movies (albeit, previously viewed ones, cause we’re too lazy to go get a new one on Friday’s). I vow not to change out of my sweatpants all day.

I can’t explain my adoration of Thursday’s. I just love them. They are the perfect day. Wednesday is a busy, hectic, work-filled day, and Friday is the beginning of a marvelous weekend. Thursday is like a beautiful transition into relaxation and comfort. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon. You know something beautiful is about to pop out, and you go about your day keeping one eye on that cocoon, waiting for the awesome, exploding action. I freaking love Thursday’s. (albeit, not as much as I love tacos)


Bedhead and coffee. two of my favorite things. (This steaming mug consists of International Delight’s, Southern Butter Pecan creamer. Another good one… Albeit, not as good as Chocolate Raspberry…)

Quote of the Week award to Clay;

“I could be Captain America. He’s just a big guy with a frisbee…”

(T-Minus: 21 days until Africa!)

in which… Cranberries

The little things have made this week for me. Would you like to hear them? Not that it matters, because you know I’ll tell you anyways.

  • Pea soup for lunch
  • Sunshine
  • My A&P professor announcing my top grade to the class
  • An after-hours cup of coffee with nobody but myself
  • Really comfortable sneakers
  • Classmates asking for my notes. I’ve never had classmates ask for my notes. Actually… I’ve never had classmates
  • Pillowcases that smell like sleep
  • That one song that makes me smile like a schoolgirl every time it pops on my shuffle
  • Driving with my windows down

I seem to find a new drink combo at Sonic every year. Usually around the same time, when summer is starting to rear its beautiful little humid head. I know, the first day of spring was only a few days ago, but I’ve been reunited with my friend, the Sun, and that always puts me in a “Summer-Mindset” type of mood. Back to Sonic drinks… They keep handing me those annoying little stickers with my receipts, announcing a drink combo I’ll seemingly be missing out in life if I don’t try. A few weeks ago I got the one with some cheeky line about Cranberry Coke something or other. I don’t like coke, but the thought of cranberry in a drink totally intrigued me, and the next time I got a craving, I ordered a Cranberry Vanilla Slush. DISCOVERY. It is amazing. Like the perfect intermingling of sticky sweetness in the Vanilla, with a punchy fruit twist in the Cranberry. And since it’s not a soda, I feel healthier drinking it. Though I’m sure the double dosing of syrups makes up for the sugar I’m denying in a soda. Go me and my wishful healthy mindset.

Funny story. A few minutes ago I went in the garage to check on Kreacher [he’s been sick] and the garage door is cracked enough for the cats to slip outside if they want to. So Zeus, Josiah’s adorable dog, hears me and sticks his nose under the garage door, and after seeing me starts whining like he’s loved-starved. I’m laughing at him trying to fit under the door and scratching the tip of his nose, when out of the dark, vapid abyss of the inner sanctum of my garage, my cat launches himself past me and into the air, lands on poor Zeus’ nose and starts mutilating that sucker, howling like a banshee the entire time. I’m standing there with a dumb look on my face, too startled to save Zeus, who gets the freak out of there ASAP. And for the next few minutes I’m in the garage, my cat positions himself between me and the garage door at all times, and growls anytime Zeus tries to come towards the door. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have raised a guard cat.

Your argument is invalid.

in which… I have a weakness

It’s kind of a strange weakness… But if you’ve learned nothing about me, learn this…

I tend to be a little weird…

Back to the weakness, ready for this? Coffee mugs. Yep. It is. I have a weakness for coffee mugs. I love to buy them. LOVE to. I’ve got tons of them, in crazy shapes/colors/designs. I have quite the collection. And it grew a little last night… I had 30 minutes of time to kill in town last night, so I popped into the dollar store. *mistake* Lo, and behold, some beautiful coffee mugs, arranged on a rack, stood out to me as desperately in need of some tender care and a warm home. I knew they must be mine. So I bought them, cleaned them up a bit, and named them.

I know… It’s weird… But normal people are boring.


I, my dear friends, have had 3 cups of hazelnut creamer-laced liquid Folgers. And I am exhausted. That shows how intense my exhaustion is. It’s been one of those days for everyone I think… Wore ourselves out for Halloween, let me tell you.

I was having a conversation with a friend today when he asked me “Danielle, what do you want to do with your life? I don’t mean in the next year, I mean with your LIFE?” And The only response I could give him was, “I’m going to do whatever God decides to throw me… And until he does,  I’ll be doing my own lil thing.” Because really, that’s all we can do. I learned early on, making intricate plans usually only grabs a laugh from God… as he takes our plans and HOPELESSLY SCRAMBLES THEM INTO MASS CHAOS and proceeds to say “Your plans, eh? Funny! That’s real funny…” Yeah. That’s my God.

Also that might have been the 3 cups of coffee right there…


I call it like I see it, and my glasses on/ But most of ya don’t get the picture, unless the flash is on/ Satisfied with nothing, you don’t know the half of it

-Lil Wayne