in which… Bedhead and Coffee

I said it once before (albeit, not here) and I’ll say it again. Great Value’s Chocolate Raspberry coffee creamer is deliciously good (albeit, a mug full of synthesized unhealth). I was impressed and enjoyed not one, but two yummy (albeit, nearly plasticine) mugs of mid-morning coffee at work yesterday.

I wonder how many times I can fit the word “albeit” into this entry…

HAPPY FRIDAY. I love Friday’s. (albeit, not as much as Thursday’s) They’re full of good feelings and comfortable clothes and movies (albeit, previously viewed ones, cause we’re too lazy to go get a new one on Friday’s). I vow not to change out of my sweatpants all day.

I can’t explain my adoration of Thursday’s. I just love them. They are the perfect day. Wednesday is a busy, hectic, work-filled day, and Friday is the beginning of a marvelous weekend. Thursday is like a beautiful transition into relaxation and comfort. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon. You know something beautiful is about to pop out, and you go about your day keeping one eye on that cocoon, waiting for the awesome, exploding action. I freaking love Thursday’s. (albeit, not as much as I love tacos)


Bedhead and coffee. two of my favorite things. (This steaming mug consists of International Delight’s, Southern Butter Pecan creamer. Another good one… Albeit, not as good as Chocolate Raspberry…)

Quote of the Week award to Clay;

“I could be Captain America. He’s just a big guy with a frisbee…”

(T-Minus: 21 days until Africa!)


in which… I’ve done some screenshooting

Really people? Really?

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

Here’s a chuckle…

I love being a nursing major…

Five Things

Taking after a blog I like to read, I’ve decided to start writing a “Five Things” post. Which I really already do, in the form of a bullet point-ed; “These are some things that made my week” type of entry. Now it just has a name. And a limit.

1. Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscotti Bites

My boss introduced me to these little pieces of heaven. Normally, I don’t like biscotti. Too hard to eat, [especially for someone with braces] and I think eating should be an enjoyable experience, not hard work. But these bite-sized chunks of chocolate dipped biscotti have sticky caramel fragments tossed throughout them. They are pure deliciousness.

2. Colbie Callat’s album, “Coco”

I’m not usually one to go for this genera of music… But lately I’m hooked on this album. Perfect window-down, hot air blowing through the car, cruising through the neighborhood music

3. Not Your Mother’s “Beach Babe”

In addition to using this for myself, this is my go-to product when I’m styling hair. I’m a fan of the messy, bed-head look. And this is the best product I’ve ever used to make the style look totally effortless. Plus, it smells like you died and went to coconut heaven.


A crazy cool recipe website I discovered this past weekend. You guys should take some time and check it out, it’s like Pinterest for food… So I feel like I can justify getting on it to whomever would dare lump me in with “Crazed Pinterest Zombies” as Hannah so accurately titled them.

5. Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

I haven’t made this yet, but I definitely will be in the not-too-distant future. I am addicted to chia seeds. They are beautiful things. And this recipe looks amazing. Clicking on the picture will take you to the recipe. [found on PunchFork, see previous “thing”]

in which… Life

So here I am, sitting at my desk in a Cucumber candle scented room, drinking my favorite cup of english breakfast tea, thinking “Hey… It’s nice to relax…”

I loved this semester. Loved it. I had great classes, great teachers, great experiences all around. And here I am, reflecting on all this, enjoying the first ‘breathing week’ I’ve had in months really, enjoying my candle, enjoying my tea. But here I am, thinking how nice it is to relax and I’m blindsided by my Peanuts calender, which informs me I have precisely 3 weeks of breathing before I face reality again. 3 weeks. Not much time. I have 3 weeks before I start classes all over again, before I have to start packing for Africa, before I have to begin to prep the clinic for my permanent absence… 3 weeks, is not much time.

I’m not actually at the point yet where Africa has become a true reality. I mean… Africa. Halfway across the world. I know they say it’s humbling how small the world can seem, but eyeing the map I have saved to my computer screen… It does not feel very small. More like… very large-ish. I’ll be gone almost 20 days. Which again, doesn’t sound like much, and probably won’t seem like much after I’m there, but 20 days is a long time. A long time to be halfway across the world. I get my task list in a few weeks… I think it’ll become more realistic after that… Crazy… Africa…

And then, life post-Africa. A short couple of weeks after I’m back home, I plunge into a new job and the last few demanding courses needed before I enter the Nursing Program. And life doesn’t slow down. It only picks up. I mean, it’s a good pick-up. It’s the pick-up I’ve been working towards… But it definitely won’t slow down.

I laced this tea with so much honey, I can taste more of the honey than the actual tea.

*[yes, I realize that I’ve tagged this ‘Monday’ and published it Tuesday, but I got caught up in some stuff and didn’t get this posted yesterday… and by all that I mean to say, I totally fell asleep…]

in which… Haiku

Why in the world am I blogging the weekend before finals? Who does that? I’m such a procrastinator… but, fun fact, I don’t enjoy that… AND YET HERE WE ARE.

I’m all in the crazy psycho mood to write a poem… I’m not really sure why! But I do. I discovered at an early age that I can write a decent poem, but I literally get so irritated taking the time to rhyme everything. And then I discovered the Haiku. Insert LIFE-CHANGING. Not really but I do love a good Haiku. My favorite being The Old Pond, written by the idealized “creator of the Haiku” himself, Matsuo Basho, to which there are many translations, my personal favorite being;

The old pond/ a frog jumps in/ sound of water

The actual Haiku being;

Furuike ya/ kawazu tobikomu/ mizu no oto

But don’t ask me to pronounce any of that.

And after all of that, I couldn’t leave you without a haiku of my own, written on the fly. Naturally, since he’s curled up next to me, it’s about my cat.

Twitching little paws/ Oblivious to the world/ …Somebody smooch him

A post with actual details of  what’s been up in my life, coming soon

in which… Prom

How many people get their first Prom as a college sophomore? Not many… [That I’m aware of…] But when you’ve got a prom date as understanding as mine [and I mean ‘understanding’ in the sense that he’s totally awesome], it doesn’t matter how unorthodox it ends up being. Because in the end, it’s about having fun. And fun, my friends, was achieved.

The whole day was perfection.

Look at the cuteness…

in which… Moustaches

So the neighbor of my Mother’s newly opened business cubby is a photographer. She’s super sweet and funny… and needed someone to test her newly made photobooth moustaches.

She had four very willing models.

Cheesing it up

I mean come on…

Who can resist paper moustaches?

On a different note, that is one good-looking group of siblings…