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in which… Happiness is defined

Happiness is…

Getting off work three hours early.
Four new Threadless t-shirts.
Chinese with Hannah.
Peach smoothies.
My song on the radio.
Clay on his way home.
Killswitch Engage.
A verse written just for me.
40 cent Jane Austen classics.
Random compliments from strangers.
Halo marathons with my siblings.
Being adjusted back to my own timezone.

Pictures from Africa coming soon…

in which… I’m Africa bound

I leave town in a few hours, and fly out at 11 tomorrow morning.

I’m so ready to go. I’ve said my goodbyes, and the longer I’m in town, the harder it gets to actually leave. If I wait much longer, I might bail out…

I’ll be home on the 22nd, so until then;

Ime ku lota Iwe

[I dream of you]