in which… Life

So here I am, sitting at my desk in a Cucumber candle scented room, drinking my favorite cup of english breakfast tea, thinking “Hey… It’s nice to relax…”

I loved this semester. Loved it. I had great classes, great teachers, great experiences all around. And here I am, reflecting on all this, enjoying the first ‘breathing week’ I’ve had in months really, enjoying my candle, enjoying my tea. But here I am, thinking how nice it is to relax and I’m blindsided by my Peanuts calender, which informs me I have precisely 3 weeks of breathing before I face reality again. 3 weeks. Not much time. I have 3 weeks before I start classes all over again, before I have to start packing for Africa, before I have to begin to prep the clinic for my permanent absence… 3 weeks, is not much time.

I’m not actually at the point yet where Africa has become a true reality. I mean… Africa. Halfway across the world. I know they say it’s humbling how small the world can seem, but eyeing the map I have saved to my computer screen… It does not feel very small. More like… very large-ish. I’ll be gone almost 20 days. Which again, doesn’t sound like much, and probably won’t seem like much after I’m there, but 20 days is a long time. A long time to be halfway across the world. I get my task list in a few weeks… I think it’ll become more realistic after that… Crazy… Africa…

And then, life post-Africa. A short couple of weeks after I’m back home, I plunge into a new job and the last few demanding courses needed before I enter the Nursing Program. And life doesn’t slow down. It only picks up. I mean, it’s a good pick-up. It’s the pick-up I’ve been working towards… But it definitely won’t slow down.

I laced this tea with so much honey, I can taste more of the honey than the actual tea.

*[yes, I realize that I’ve tagged this ‘Monday’ and published it Tuesday, but I got caught up in some stuff and didn’t get this posted yesterday… and by all that I mean to say, I totally fell asleep…]

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