in which… I speak properly

I had an inspiration-filled, vibrant blog written out in my head… but suddenly I can’t recall a single thing I’d planned on writing.


Moment of honesty… I do not use words like “recall”. I just don’t. I could have a vocabulary like that, but [much to my mother’s chagrin] I do not. So I apologize for falsely leading you along a path paved with untruths and lined with falsehoods.

Now that I just did for fun…

My birthday is exactly 3 weeks away.

I’m not excited about the BIRTHDAY, per say, but instead about birthDAY… Because birthday’s in the Frankland house are a memory indeed.

There’s also more behind my lack of excitement towards my birthday… Partially because I don’t feel 18 turning 19… I never have… I feel closer to 25 turning 30. In the most humble way possible, I’ll say this, I have always had a knack for seeing past things like emotion and want, and instead, looking at the big picture and consequences… That’s not something I feel like a lot of people do.

And it’s strange, because looking around at the people in my life, I think most of them perceive me as immature. Which only makes me want to take their hands, sit them gently down, and grab their faces to make them look at me, all the while explaining to them their idiotic ways. I’m so tired of getting looked at as “the immature friend” or “the young friend who hasn’t done anything” or “the naive one”.

I feel like 99% of people with blogs use them as self-glorifiers, and that always gives me a serious case of the eye-rolls, so that is where I stop talking about myself like I won the science fair.

Funniest conversation of the week award goes to the ladies in our bible study on Wednesdays nights. When we started going to Wednesday night church again, I decided I wanted a class that would be a little more in-depth than the youth group, so I started going to the ladies class. Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m not quiet… So in our bible study, we read a couple of chapters and then discuss them, and it only took a few minutes or class time for the other women to realize I was not shy about speaking up and/or giving input. But outside of class, I’m fairly quiet and tend to sit with my parents rather than the other kids. So last night at church, the study group leader tells me about a conversation between her and another church member [one who doesn’t come to Wednesday night classes] concerning me.

Study Leader -“I heard you are singing a special at church on Sunday morning! We always love those!”

Church Member -“Yes! And I have a helper as well… That dark-headed girl? The one who’s really quiet and timid?”

Study Leader -“Wait, you mean Danielle?”

Church Member -“Oh, yes! Her!”

Study Leader -“Oh my… I thought she was shy when I first met her… All quiet and keeping to herself… Even a little insecure maybe… But then she started coming to Wednesday night classes, and I got to know her a little better…”

Church Member -“Yes, she does seem a little insecure…”

Study Leader -“DON’T LET HER FOOL YOU.”

Dear Nedra… I think I love you.

Perhaps I’ll gather the rest of my thoughts and get them up in an entry sometime this weekend…


…sorry, I just thought I might break the proper-verbage cycle if I tossed in a random slang word…


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