in which… I might die

I’m dead serious.

…see what I did there?

I had tacos for lunch on Sunday. Yeah, I was in heaven. And then, *ha* THEN, I had fried chicken sunday night.


Thank the Lord for hungry friends and cars and peer pressure.

But the story doesn’t end there my friends, oh no.

Because on this very night, Tuesday the 17th of January, I had tacos for dinner… AGAIN.

I, who never eat fast food, have consumed three meals worth of my favorite fast foodies, in the past 72 hours.

I have had two of my most favorite meals, a total of three times in three days.

The world might implode…

Also I discovered the bold button on wordpress’s QuickTab today.

Little things, people… It’s the little things…

    • sim
    • April 20th, 2012

    Great articles! l really like your blog 🙂

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