“Like memories of dying days that deafen us like hurricanes…”

[excuse the blurry pic… the camera on my phone sucks]

Kelci got her blood drawn for the first time the other day, and I went for support, naturally… because I’m a good friend like that… And because the idea of having a thick needle shoved up your vein and draining your lifeblood is nerve-wracking to certain people. Not everyone… just some… And so, being kind like I am, I went for support. Didn’t really think It was actually needed until Kelci glanced over at her stuck arm and after losing a shade of color stated; “Ohhh… ok, that’s blood!…” Naturally, she didn’t look again. We had about 15 people gathered around her chair asking her all kinds of questions… My personal favorites are all from Abby…

“Kelci are you in pain?”

“Kelci are you sick?”

“Kelci do you have cancer?” (??)

“Kelci that’s your blood! Kelci it looks like BBQ sauce! Like you could pour that over chicken and people could like… eat it and no one would know the difference!”

Since I posted one picture already I felt like posting a few more. Just for grins…

Yes… I met Justin Bieber in Bealls. He’s taller than you’d think…

Discovered this the other day and it kind of rocked my world…

[Bonus points to anyone who knows what song my title is from]

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