I’m in such a Betty Crocker mood this week. In the last two days I have baked two loaves of bread, made asparagus soup from scratch [with Morghan!], and tomorrow is Friday night… which means I’ll be in charge of dinner then too… weird… My culinary moods don’t usually last this long… maybe it’s a phase…

So it’s September. DANG. It’s September you guys. Sep. Tem. Ber. I don’t believe how fast this year has gone by… Right here is where usually I’d put in some sappy line about how much was going on this year, and how many things have changed, and how many choices I’ve made… but instead I’ll inform the good readers of this blog that I have already picked the September Song. September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. cliché? Of course. But truly… is there any other song worthy of being the September Song? This is an important position.

things I’m thinking right now at…*checks watch* 11:07 on Thursday night, September 08th –

  • Sea Salted Caramel coffee from Archer Farms is a 6.8 on my good coffee scale
  • I’m dying for a good bike ride
  • At this moment I am shuffling through Seether, Bon Iver, and Rise Against albums
  • A girl a full year younger than me came into the clinic on Tuesday, with her 3 mo. old baby. And I worry about college tests. perspective
  • I’ve officially succeeded in sketching a fairly realistic pair of lips. the lips always kill me
  • my favorite verse today – Psalms 36:9. look it up. now
  • I’m hoping for a crazy dream tonight…
  • I really like the acoustic version of Tears Don’t Fall… But it’s still not better than the original
  • crossed “watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s” off my bucket list tonight. thank you, morghan
  • time for bed, my alarm is set at “too early” and my lollipop encased pillow is calling me. [thank you, mack]

hey, hey, hey/say do you remember?/dancin’ in september?/never was a cloudy day

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