-“Danielle! The sun isn’t even awake yet!”

Best morning quote- Hannah

-“Oh, hey Danielle! I thought I heard evil, sadistic laughter…”

Best comment ever- Morghan

-“Um… did you know there’s a pair of pants in your backseat?…”

Thankfully the last one was Micaela… I keep trying to explain how awful it looks to have a bunch of guys clothes in my backseat, yet Jeremiah continues to leave them lying around. And as if the pants looked bad enough, a couple of weeks ago it was a pair of boxers. He’s going to get me into trouble eventually… I swear… And I’ll immediately try to explain “they’re my brothers!”, but seriously, what adult is going to buy that? So thank you, Jeremiah, for making me look like such the sweet, innocent, home school graduate that doesn’t date…

with a pair of pants in my backseat…

  1. I think it’s all part of his Master Ploy…what that ploy is i’m not quite sure yet :p

  2. I would like to point out that you don’t have to date to have a pair of pants in your backseat. So if you’re worried solely about your no dating reputation, it’s still safe.

    As for your other reputations, you might want to start clearing out your car before leaving your house.

    • very true… but it sure isn’t helping the anti-conformist vibe I like to give off haha

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