Bullet for My [Nazi] Valentine

So last night I dream that I’m inside a blimp hangar. I’m pretty sure the time period was mid-WW2 because everyone [including myself] had on these pea green military jumpsuits. And yes, we were shooting Nazis. So I’m inside this hangar, and it’s like a scene from Medal of Honor, Rising Sun, except with Nazis, because everyone is screaming and there are bullets flying everywhere and planes keep exploding, which is basically like popcorn popping underneath all the gunfire. So here I am, standing on a catwalk inside this blimp hangar. I’m a girl, yes, and I don’t have a gun, and both of these thoughts I consciously think at the start of this dream. It’s like I got knocked out and just woke up and this is what I see. So I realize I’m a girl, and my first thought is “Why am I dreaming about fighting in World War 2 and I’m a girl?” But I can’t change that now that I’ve started dreaming, so I move to the next thought which is, “I really need a gun…” So I’m looking for a gun. And it’s right about that time that I notice fellow soldiers in front of me, and they’re running but they aren’t getting far, because on the highest catwalk I discover a cap wearing Nazi cutting them down with this big, ominous Browning.

PAUSE, I know this is technically impossible because the Browning was an American machine gun and we’re on a German blimp, but it was like when you hover your mouse over a website domain and it gives you a description on the site, because when my eyes connected with this gun I thought “Browning.” So whatever. Excuse my dreams for being incorrect in machine gun placeage.

Back to the dream, I’ve just spotted this gunner, and I know that running out into the open is suicide because he has this gun trained on every patch of open ground. [Side note, I’m just now realizing that shooting a machine gun chaotically inside a blimp is probably not the wisest of decisions… but once again, in my dream it worked out… so whatever I guess] So outside my dream I think “Ohhh THAT’S what I’m doing here, I’m supposed to get rid of this gunner!” Though why I have to do it as a girl, I’m not really sure… But I’m really working this jumpsuit … so who cares…

So I’m carefully making my way to this catwalk, still gunless, when I get spotted and then all hell breaks loose and there’s Nazis everywhere and bullets flying and I’m screaming and climbing the catwalk ladder and I get shot in the arm… I remember that because it hurts worse than anything. And it’s crazy because I can feel my arm getting weaker every second, so I know I have to get up the ladder before I lose all use of it entirely. So I make it up the ladder, and its mere seconds before this German soldier realizes I’m gunning for him, so I’m gripping my bleeding arm, sprinting down this catwalk, hoping to reach him before he sees me. And then I remember I don’t have a gun. So I improv [this is the awesome part] and when I reach this soldier I jerk his head up, give him two sharp jabs to the nose, a sucker punch to conclude and I kick him out of the gun enclosure. [OH YES] It was awesome. I’m pretty sure I was smiling in my sleep. SO, I train the gun [it’s freaking heavy by the way] onto the oncoming Nazis so my fellow soldiers can run unscathed to their destination, and mentally do a little victory dance. I’m like, crazy proud right now. I’m killing some Nazis, I totally beat up a dude, and I saved my fellow soldiers. And I did it all as a chick, in a jumpsuit, who managed without a gun. BAM. I’m so happy.

But yeah, on a more disappointing note, weak-muscled me didn’t actually knock out trigger happy Nazi soldier, so needless to say, he totally jumped me, slit my throat and threw me over the side of the catwalk. So now, ghost me is standing on the catwalk watching my body being thrown over and thinking “…I am such an idiot…”

And then I wake up. It sucked. It was such a good dream and then I had to go and get all cocky and it got me killed.

Morale of the story- no one likes cocky people

  1. Wow, I was going to say your playing too much Wii but you don’t play the Wii that much…
    Your scaring me…lol

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