I truly have nothing to blog about.

“Then don’t blog!” Seems like the most logical answer to this mind-boggling dilemma… And though I’m a huge fan of logic… I believe logic is for the logical… And as there is no point to this entry, yet my fingers continue to peck at this keyboard, I would consider this a highly illogical situation… And I’m not talking spiked hair and fake biceps here…

Did you catch that?

So here I sit… Illogical in every aspect of the word… Drinking my Naked Juice, [Strawberry Banana] tiring of the word “logical” even though when I first started to type this hopeless entry, it was really quite addictive to say.

Yes, I did say it out loud a few times.

Judge me not.

My cat is running back and forth on my bed, chasing every stray feather from my pillow and randomly attacking my fingers as I try to type. Hereafter; any grammatical errors in this post are his fault… not mine…

SO, back to the point, “why blog?” you ask? “Because,” I answer. “Simply… Because.”

·         Because I am tired, but not so tired that I could fall asleep… and so I blog

·         Because I wanted desperately to blog, even having nothing to say… and so I blog

·         Because Kreacher fell asleep during our family movie and is now a bundle of uncontrollable energy that would complain if put to bed and I would feel badly… and so I blog

·         Because I have a Naked Juice that I forgot about and needed to drink before it spoiled, but everyone knows a Naked Juice isn’t something you can just drink and go to bed on… and so I blog

·         Because it’s “Stew Night”… and so I blog

I don’t mean the edible stew either… unless you want to use the cliché “Food for thought” quote. Then you could say I’m having edible stew. Mind Stew. It’s a beefy kind of Mind Stew… [With the little carrot chunks?] The kind of stew you have to grab a mouthful of, then sit back and let your metaphorical mind-jaw work for a minute or two before you swallow. It’s a tough Mind-Stew, this one is… Easily digestible, a little hard to gum at first though. Thankfully, unless you’re eating out of country, it’s the kind of Stew that leaves you with a satisfied feeling and a smile. Come onnnn, digestion!

I’ve just discovered a bar of Organic, Sea Salted dark chocolate I remember opening earlier and forgot to eat… Hello friend…

I need some new shades.

In closing, Kreacher would like you all to know;


\\\]yolsa\67 7) :mmmmm;’’’’’’’’’’’’’’klm’’’’’’’’’’ 8\\\\a/;.’xssssssszZseeeeeeeeezser

  44r” \67 7i8gggggggggggggggggj27i

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