Got to visit with one of my favorite old ladies today. Grandma Harville, we call her. Even though there’s no blood relation. She cracks me up. 87 and one of the spunkiest ladies I know. She said some of the funniest things today…

On aging: “I can’t clean the windows anymore… At my age? If I try to climb that ladder, I’ll die!”

On her medication: “Sometimes I wonder how long I would last if I just threw all my pills in the trash…”

On her favorite grandson: “He’s just the awefullest stinker.”

“Awefullest stinker.” That’s exactly what she said. Because if an 87 year old using the word “awefullest” wasn’t hilarious enough… We’re talking about a woman who managed to use the words “Awefullest”, “Stinker” in the same sentence. And she then went on to describe her grandson as her “heart-throb.” “heart-throb”, ladies and gentlemen. Not “Favorite”, not “Cutest”, not “Sweetest.” “HEART-THROB.” That’s what she called him.

This woman has no idea how she inspires me.

Future beau, prepare yourself to be always described as my “heart-throb.”

    • Clay
    • May 27th, 2011

    Geez, as if your vocab wasn’t strange enough anyways haha….

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