This distance, this dissolution

If I had to choose one word, and one word only, to describe my
weekend, it would be ‘staggering.’ [also acceptable; ‘perfection’]

“Staggering” – With the effect
of shocking or astounding people

I am the people receiving of the shock in this case.

Also I really like the word ‘staggering’. It sounds like a
pirate word.

I am ‘staggered’ because- About 120 people came to the
Graduation party Hannah and I had together. That was just… wow… That meant so
much to me.

I am ‘staggered’ because- My parents, Hannah’s parents, even
some parents who were guests, all helped with food and decoration and putting
together things like the slideshow, and the entire night was perfect. And I mean
perfect. It was EXACTLY what I wanted.

I am ‘staggered’ because- Of the gifts people gave. It only occurred
to me a few weeks before that graduates get gifts. And let me tell you, some of
you people went all out. I was floored. Oh, I mean ‘staggered’. Forgot I’m
supposed to be using that word.

I am ‘staggered’ because- I cannot stop singing Taylor Swift

So on this chilly Monday morning, Peirce Brosnan, Megan Fox,
Janet Jackson, and for you history buffs, William Seward, all celebrate their
birthdays today. Give them a hand.

New vlog coming shortly… as soon as it makes it out of my head
and onto the computer screen that is…

This morning in government I got a question marked wrong
because I answered ‘Article 1’ and my ‘1’ should have been an ‘I’. No lie, that’s
what it told me. How retarded is that? You say ‘Article ONE’ not ‘Article I’.

I need some more coffee. My cup is now cold.

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