Dear people,

Similar to a water balloon filled to its bursting point, I have some issues with you that I feel need to brought out into the open before I explode and scream them at the top of my lungs in some highly populated public area.

1. Why on earth would you decide Sprint users need to start paying for ChaCha? This is ridiculous and I won’t stand for it. I loved that little text-helper. He got me out of numerous fixes and even helped me win some arguments. For forcing me to never again have the power of ChaCha at my fingertips, you suck.

2. I know it’s not only me, so I feel that I can gripe about this next issue publicly without worrying that some might be offended. *ahem* For the love of all that is holy, could we please have a decent TV show put on Netflix? I mean I know how educational the fake tans of Jersey Shore must be, and how thoroughly enriching The Secret Life of the American Teenager is, and Toddlers & Tiaras is just so loveable, the way the children slap and cuss their way around their parents. *laughs* Maybe I just don’t understand, because why wouldn’t we want to promote plastic surgery, getting pregnant at 15, and smacking your parents around until they give you what you want? Call me crazy.

3. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1705773/ No… Just…no…

4. I was going to rant how ridiculous it is that today is National High-Five Day and yet we still don’t have a National Fried Chicken day… but then I googled it and WE DO!! It’s July 6th!!! Guess who is going all out for that holiday?! This makes my whole freaking day.

5. April 23rd is “Lover’s Day…” Uhmm… not trying to be rude or anything… buuuut I’m pretty sure we have a holiday for that in February…

6. I can’t take it anymore… the father I go down this list the closer I get to falling off this chair for laughter. Take a look for yourself. I especially like the holidays on the 15th, 26th ,and 30th.

Ok, I’m all done with my rant for the week.

Seriously… give someone a high-five today…

  1. “Whoever wins…we lose!”

    I really want to see that now.

  2. they created it because, unfortunately Valentine’s day hardly has anything to do with love…it’s more like “get someone to be in a two-week(too weak) relationship with you by giving them chocolate…day”

    hehe, btw, Cha cha is a girl. if it was a boy there would be so many more errors and bad advice/answers…

    yes, women are smarter than men, I admit.

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