Top 5

For fun, and also because I read about it on some other blogs, I opened iTunes, clicked “Plays” and sorted my entire library by what i listen to. Currently, the top 5 songs played on my laptop are-

  1. Ain’t No Stressin’ -Montana Tucker, Sikora & Denial [Step up 2, The Streets]
  2. All I Want – A Day to Remember [What separates Me From You]
  3. Down – Breathe Carolina [Punk Goes Pop 3]
  4. When I’m With You – Faber Drive [Seven Second Surgery]
  5. Killin’ Me- Faber Drive [Seven Second Surgery]

Have I told you guys I follow the frontman for Faber Drive on twitter? No? Now I have. Anyways the other day he tweets and says he’s going to follow [‘friend’ for you facebookers] 10 people. Guess who was one of those 10?! Me. Thankyouverymuch. This made my day.

Back to the point, ALL OF YOU need to open your iTunes and sort your entire library by plays, and post the jams that came up as your top 5 ‘Most Played.’ Because now I’m interested to see everyone elses…

P.s. Just for grins I reversed the ‘Plays’ tab and my BOTTOM 5 are-

  1. Young Cardinals – Alexisonfire
  2. Praying for a Riot – 30 Seconds to Mars
  3. Watching You – The White Tie Affair
  4. Lie to Me – 12 Stones
  5. Shapes – We Came As Romans

Fun fun… You guys need to do this…

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