Happy b-day Jeremiah, firstly. Also to Russell Crowe and Jackie Chan. All three of you have inspired me so.

Watch this video because it will change your life. You were right Morghan, I have the whole family singing “We don’t drink, we don’t drink, we don’t drink racist coffee!”

This heart it wants to beat
These lungs, they want to breathe
These eyes, they want to see
I’ve got a mouth that wants to sing

Needing You
Every last breath
I scream for you
Shatter me into a million pieces…Make me new

Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me
Make me what You want me to be
I am yours, for You to use
Oh, Take and Replace me with You

Needing more than just a jump-start to get me through
My disconnection is now the issue…..

Needing You
Every last breath
I scream for you

  1. But we drink it both ways so that we don’t get flack..
    Gosh I love this song 🙂 And it feels me with joy to know that another family has been able to embrace the genius that is Julian Smith. *tear* Y’all are growing up so fast.


    • Mom
    • April 8th, 2011

    That was a crazy video. The milk one was just plain insane. I think that these guys should do their silly/humor and than have a moral to the story and actually minister to people…wait… are they Christians? LOL They may not be but those videos could definitely work in someones life.

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