I see you driving

’round town with the girl I love

And I’m like, haiku

That was for you Hannah.

I’m not usually one of those kids that gets hooked on the up-and-coming stars and the singles they’ll put out… actually that was a total lie, I usually love those stupid catchy songs… But anyways, you guys know me and my obsession with iCarly, well I’m hooked on Miranda Cosgrove’s newest single, Dancin’ Crazy. It’s a good dancing song. Crazy dancing that is. So if you’ve ever liked a song from High School Musical, or ever gotten a Miley Cyrus song stuck on repeat in your head, go check out her new single.

So I gave Rebecca Black the benefit of the doubt. Everyone was trashing her and her single, so I kind of mentally I defended her. She’s making her statement, getting her name out there you know? yeah… well I just actually listened to her song Friday. Wow. I am… ashamed I ever said a good thing about it. that song was… embarrassing to listen to…

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