Word Count: 292

Thursday was Chuck Norris’s birthday. Thought might like to know.

In other news, I managed to get another thing crossed off my bucket list. A short I wrote got published to Teen Ink online, which is the website for a magazine totally dedicated to teens and their writings. It’s a step anyways. It’ll be even cooler if it gets enough high ratings to be published to the actual magazine. That would be awesome.

For the first time in probably my entire life, I am tired of being on the computer. My computer semi-crashed and had to be re-loaded with a bunch of stuff, but in the process deleted EVERYTHING on the frontlines of my hard drive. I’m still doing deep scans [right this second actually] to salvage anything I can. I found all of my pictures embedded deep in the hard drive, so I’m praying that my media files will be there too. I start sweating just thinking about it. 6 years of collected music, down the toilet just like that. Oh my gosh, *shudders* if I can’t find it with this scan I will probably die. Literally.

Nobody leave me a comment about how I should have been backing it up, ok? because I know. And I cannot believe  my computer actually crashed on me, but it probably serves me right for being a computer geek and not paying attention to the number one rule of thumb when it comes to computers. I’m kicking myself for that.

It’s Pi day. Jeremiah almost had a heart attack until I explained it was the non-eating type of pie. Then he almost cried.

It’s supposed to be sunny outside. I hope the sun comes out and it’s nice and warm all week long. That would be so nice.

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