Gah. So much going on. At the same time as having nothing going on… Does that make sense? Not that it matters. Fact: if no one read this blog I would be perfectly fine with that. It’s really for me anyways.

Dear Nigel. I know you have a crazy busy life up in Colorado, and it sounds like you’re having a rocking time with your internship! But we Texans miss you, and I believe I speak for all of us when I say, UPDATEYOURFREAKINGBLOGPLEASE. Catch my drift? K. Hugs and kisses.

Well, State kind of sucked. Partially. Because I got sick the day we left, annoying 24 hour bug that was gone by Saturday but annoying as heck. I felt like crap and couldn’t eat anything. That part sucked. The part where I spent [almost] all weekend around my basketball groupies was awesome. I love all those guys. It was a little odd without The Hawks though… Those random streaks of purple spread throughout the crowd…

The ” Brutally Honest” award goes to Justin Welch for the month of February.

“So the Lady Warriors finally win 1st place in State… and Danielle, you weren’t even playing! That’s got to suck…”

Why yes, Justin, it actually kind of does. Impressive that you noticed.

*hands award*

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